Board & Committees Job Descriptions

Co-Chair* — There shall be two co-chairs responsible for presiding at DHSPA and Executive Board meetings. This includes establishing the calendar of, and organizing these meetings. The co-chairs are the primary link between the DHS administration and the parents (they have regular meetings with the principal). They ensure communication occurs on any appropriate matters through announcements at DHSPA meeting, Principal’s newsletter, DPN and DHSPA website. They also are responsible for the compilation, printing and distribution of the New Parents Survival Guide and contacting the DHS Administration to arrange the program for the first meeting of the school year. Additionally, the Co-Chairs attend the class coffees and follow up with the Administration as necessary. The co-chairs sit on the Appropriations Committee, the Guidance Advisory Council and the DHSPA Budget Committee. They also serve as representatives of DHS on the Council of Darien School Parents (CDSP) and the Thriving Youth: Connected Community Task Force. At least one co-chair attends Board of Education meetings when high school matters are to be discussed. Lastly, they work with the Administration and the CDSP budget reps to support the proposed DHS budget requests.  

Secretary* — The Secretary will take detailed notes including attendance, write and distribute minutes for all executive board, DHSPA and any other special meetings. They will send periodic e-mail blasts for the DHSPA slate, including soliciting back page and meeting slide requests. They also e-mail and tally any e-mail voting as directed by the Executive Board.  The Secretary will also resolve any questions relating to points of order and voting procedures for the DHSPA business meetings and the Executive board meetings. The Bylaws should be updated every 3 years.

Treasurer* — The Treasurer will keep financial records using QuickBooks and Excel. The Treasurer is responsible for preparing and dispersing budget letters to Committee Chairs at the beginning in the school year. During the year, they will pay bills, issue 1099s, reconcile bank accounts, prepare monthly financial statements, assist in any audits and distribute agreed upon appropriation monies. The Treasurer chairs the Budget Committee and is responsible for proposing, preparing and presenting the annual DHSPA budget for review and approval. Additionally, they are on the Fundraising Committee. As such, they record and deposit individual donations to the DHSPA. The Treasurer is also the Chair of the Appropriations Committee.  The Treasurer is responsible for accounting for monies received from the DHSPA PayPal account and sending an excel spreadsheet with donor information and transaction details to the fundraising chairs to they can send an acknowledgement letter and tax receipt.  Lastly, this person works with the CDSP Treasurer by providing any requested financial information.  

Activities and Clubs Fair – This committee, working with Administration, plans and executes an Activities Fair in the fall of the school year to introduce students to the many Clubs and Activities open to them at the high school. The event is held during lunch periods. Planning begins in early September and the event is then held later in September or early October.  

Beautification The beautification committee’s job is to enhance the school’s appearance by filling, planting and then maintaining the 14 outdoor containers. They also maintain the bushes and plant annuals under the two DHS signs. When possible they try and “tidy up” other areas of the school.  The Committee may work with the Director of Facilities to request assistance with the grounds. This committee is in operation throughout the year.

CDSP Budget Reps – The CDSP budget reps job begins in November and concludes in March, with a majority of the work falling in the Jan/Feb timeframe. The budget reps work closely with the DHS Principal and the DHSPA co-chairs to help prioritize and develop rationale in support of the DHS budget requests to the Board of  Education/Board of Finance for the upcoming school year. CDSP budget reps write and give speeches at Board of Education/Board of Finance meetings in support of the DHS requests. The CDSP budget rep is also expected to participate in any CDSP planning meetings to discuss overall budget strategy.  

College and Career Center Volunteers* The CCC chairs train and schedule college and career center volunteers. There are two CCC co-chairs and 50 committee members. They maintain the center (including water and give-aways for the college reps), publicize the CCC via the DPN, update the bulletin boards/white board and organize materials in the center. When college reps come to the DHS campus, they greet reps and help them with logistics. There is no personal specific interaction with the college reps. The CCC chairs also provide support to the guidance department, when requested. They work with the Guidance Department on the content, printing and distribution of the Junior Planning Guide. The CCC chairs sit on the Executive Board and Guidance Advisory Council (a group of DHSPA representatives who periodically meet with Guidance to provide parents’ perspective on the support/programs Guidance provides to students).   The chairs are also responsible for organizing a spring College Fair for DHS students. This fair takes place in late March/early April to coincide with regional college fairs. The Chairs, together with the head of guidance, review college trends and application numbers to determine a list of colleges (50) to invite to the fair. The chairs invite, track and greet the reps at the fair. The chairs are also responsible for organizing set up, and take down of the fair, lunch, signage, volunteer schedule and publicity.


Communication Chair* — This chair oversees the Directory, Website and email newsletter (DPN) and sits on the Executive Board.  

Directory – In the spring, this committee of one or two, gathers information on incoming 9th graders and other new students for the directory, and updates the student database. They then follow up with telephone calls as required. In August, they put together directory information for all four grades and faculty, and update other text as needed. They then arrange for the printing and sales of the directory. This committee also has ongoing responsibility for updating the student database and publishing changes as needed.  

Website –This volunteer serves as the Webmaster of the DHSPA website and is responsible for updating the site starting the summer before the upcoming school year. Volunteer vets the materials forwarded to them and then posts to the website. There is activity in August and at the beginning of the school year to update website for current school year and posting to the website continues throughout the year with current information, meeting minutes, etc.   

Newsletter (DPN) – This committee of at least three gathers information and sends out a weekly email newsletter to parents of students. The DPN is created in Constant Contact, and editing duties are shared among three or four editors. This group is responsible for maintaining and confirming DHS calendar information with the Administration Office. They also work with the DHS webmaster to have the weekly DPN on the DHSPA website.


Fundraising Committee* — Their purpose is to design and implement a fundraising event or a non-fundraising event to raise money for the DHSPA. In recent years this event has been in the fall and the job is completed before the end of the calendar year. The Chairs sit on the Executive Board.  This committee consists of two volunteers.

Graduation Reception – This group’s purpose is to plan and arrange food and beverage for the graduation reception, held after the graduation ceremony in June. There are two parents of 9th, 10th or 11th graders in charge of this event.  

Holiday Faculty Luncheon – These volunteers are responsible for hosting a mid-December luncheon for the faculty and staff, including catering food, soliciting donations of food from parents, decorating the room with plants and overseeing the event. The date is confirmed in October with the Administration Assistant.  

Hospitality – The hospitality committee provides refreshments at the DHSPA meetings, works with the grade reps and administration to organize and set up refreshments for the Parent Open House (September) and DHSPA reception with Administration (end of April). There are grade reps for Hospitality who handle the class coffees and there are two reps who coordinate the 8th grade Open House Night (February).  

New Parent Reception – This group of volunteer parents (two to three) is responsible for hosting the New Parent Reception prior to the start of the school year, including purchasing paper goods and fruit, coffee and refreshments. This group coordinates with the Administration Assistant.  

Jobs Website Coordinators – This job is to facilitate the matching of jobs available in the community to DHS students. The coordinators are responsible for maintaining the JOBS website for students to look at opportunities.  

Nominating * — It is the job of the Nominating Chairs to fill the slate of the DHSPA and present the slate at the DHSPA meeting in March/April to be voted on at the next meeting. The chairs sit on the Executive board. Two nominating reps from each grade, when possible, assist the nominating chairs in identifying the DHSPA slate for the next year.  

Parent Volunteers Coordinator – Using the DHS email blasts, the DHSPA meetings and the Spring MMS email blasts, this job is to build and maintain a list of parent volunteers to be contacted, usually by email, as the needs of the school arise.  

Parliamentarian* — The Parliamentarian’s job is to resolve any questions relating to points of order and voting procedures for the DHSPA business meetings and the Executive board meetings. The Bylaws should be updated every 3 years.  

Programs* — The Programs coordinators’ job is to work with the co-chairs and the Administration to plan and arrange programs (speakers) for DHSPA meetings. The chairs sit on the Executive Board. They also organize the evening college admissions panel events in October.

Public Relations – This committee’s role is to publicize school news not normally covered by the local papers and online.  

Senior Class Picnic:  This committee is made up of two senior class parents and two junior class parents, and is responsible for coordinating the food, decorations, music and senior tee shirts for the Senior Class Picnic.  The picnic date is pre-set as that of graduation rehearsal and takes place in the DHS courtyard immediately following rehearsal (usually around noon). The committee may add entertainment but it is not required.  The event is funded so no fundraising is required. The senior parents nominate and coordinate two junior parents to take on the role in the subsequent year.

Senior Internship – The main responsibility of the senior internship liaison is to support the DHS senior internship committee comprised of DHS faculty and administration.  Duties may include: updating contact information for the prior internship work sites and following up with them to ascertain if they are interested in working with an intern again this year, generating new internship opportunities, and promoting the internship program through the DPN, the MPN and also by mentioning it on the back side of the DHSPA agenda. The job should begin at the beginning of the school year after a meeting with the faculty coordinators.  

Student Life* — This committee supports Community Council social activities chosen by the students, as needed. There are 2 co-chairs and 1 to 2 committee members per grade comprising a minimum of a 6 person committee. Others may be recruited by the committee, as needed, to help with the various events and functions the Student Council plans. The chairs attend Community Council meetings as needed and meet with the entire Student Life committee twice each year. The Student Life Chair(s) will sit on the Executive Board.  

Student Volunteer Fair – The Student Volunteer Fair committee historically served as the DHSPA reps for the Volunteer Fair co-hosted with DHS and The Community Fund. In 2016, this fair was moved to September to give kids a chance to get involved earlier in the school year.  In addition, the committee will be putting together a health and wellness fair later in the year.

Student Wear* — The role of the Student Wear committee is to order and sell the DHS spirit wear clothing and novelty items. They are responsible for maintaining the inventory housed in a storage closet at the school and organize specific sale days throughout the school year. The Chairs of this committee sit on the Executive Board.  

Year End Faculty Luncheon – Beginning in May, this committee organizes a luncheon for the faculty to take place in mid-June. The date is set with the Administration Assistant. The responsibilities include catering food, soliciting donations of food from parents, decorating the room with plants, etc. and overseeing the event.  

* denotes Executive Board member

Last update: 3/2018