Meetings, Minutes, Programs & Events

Dates for 2019-20

Tuesday, 9/24 9:00am in Auditorium

Monday, 10/14 7:30pm in Auditorium

Tuesday, 11/26 9:00am in Chill Zone

Tuesday, 1/28 9:00am in Auditorium

Tuesday, 3/31 9:00am in Auditorium

Tuesday, 5/19 9:00am in Chill Zone

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Class coffees:

Tuesday 3/17, 9:00am, Junior Class, Little Theater

Tuesday 5/5, 9:00am, Senior Class, Little Theater

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Minutes DHSPA Meeting Sept 24, 2019

Minutes DHSPA Meeting Nov 26, 2019

Minutes DHSPA Meeting January 28, 2020